The Rapture


Today we gonna talk a bit of future with our new label, The Rapture.

Dub Phonique by Ricochet will be the first release out, 4th november 2016, an EP in a dub tech mood, 6 tracks reflecting the searches of Ricochet into a new musical journey.

The meaning of future talks by the atmosphere of Dub Phonique.



Title : Dub Phonique

Artist : Ricochet

Catalog# : THRP00001

Label : The Rapture

Track List

1 Sans Cafeine (Original Mix)

2 Vu a la TV (Original Mix)

3 Ellipse (Original Mix)

4 Le Mirroir (Original Mix)

5 Tres Haute Compression (Original Mix)

6 Orages Technologiques (Original Mix)


all tracks written, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy @ Black Magic in The Kitchen Studio for dovymusic

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Cyberspace :


Mixed Sampler Sept2016

a raw mix of upcoming tracks to come on the labels somanymusic and The Rapture

Tracklist :

01 CVBA ”Sub Floor (Original Mix)” [somanymusic] out 01/13/2017
02 Ricochet ”Mouvement Libre (Original Mix)” [The Rapture] out 01/06/2017
03 Her Joys ”Yllen (Original Mix)” [somanymusic] out 09/16/2016
04 J Dovy ”Only Be With You (Herve Ak Remix)” [somanymusic] out 10/14/2016
05 LyFe&Daze ”Priviligied (Minimal Need)” [somanymusic] out 11/18/2016
06 The Gospel Division ”City Beats Gospel (Intro)” [somanymusic] TBR
07 Monsieur Jean ”Have we Made it So Far ? (Original Mix)” [somanymusic] out 12/16/2016
08 J Dovy ”Friday Night (9PM Vocal Mix)” [somanymusic] out 02/10/2017
09 Men from Nobu ”Colors of Hours (House Edit)” [somanymusic] out 03/10/2017
10 Glasgow Beat Collective ”Affaire de Coeur (J Dovy’s Deep Edit)” [somanymusic] out 05/12/2017
11 Ricochet ”Ellipse (Original Mix)” [The Rapture] out 11/04/2016

Format : Wave
File size : 710 MiB
Duration : 1 h 10 min
Overall bit rate mode : Constant
Overall bit rate : 1 411 kb/s

Format : PCM
Format settings, Endianness : Little
Format settings, Sign : Signed
Codec ID : 1
Duration : 1 h 10 min
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 1 411.2 kb/s
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Stream size : 710 MiB (100%)