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Family affairs

The last month of 2018 comes with a perfect closure, in facts 2…

Thirteenth Note gives us back some good vibes with 2 releases by Andre Devaugn and The Seventh Groove Consortium.

The 1st release is the re-issue of Reflection an album of jazz, soul, funk, a concentrate of urban music.

In a 2nd hand we find a single release of two extended tracks coming from Reflection, another moment of magic given to you.

Bob Howard – Jazz Attack [DVM00065]

The snippet of the week is coming from the next release on somanymusic.

Jazz Attack by Bob Howard is a track of a groovy jazz house feel, let’s not forget the remixes.

Luc Forlorn gives us his vision into a chill mood, let’s thank him for his amazing work full of talent.

To finish, the re-interpretation by J Dovy is a trip into a deeper ambiance but keeping a groove and the jazz influences intacts.

a few comments from promo pool :

Carmelo Carone

lolely smooth dubby line! full support on my radio show

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack (Luc Forlorn Totally Chilled Remix)

dj lenny fontana

love the jazzy vibes very cool

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack

Jaymz Nylon

Dope release!!!!

side 3

Very St Germain sounding the original version. Cool summer vibes strumming from the guitar licks. A well balanced ep with really nice Balearic version from Luc forlorn. My favorite mix though is the J Dovy mix giving out some old skool italo house vibes with a nice deep house modern twist thrown in for good measure.

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack (J Dovy Deep Reinterpretation Remix)


Title : Jazz Attack
Artist : Bob Howard
Catalog# : DVM00065
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Jazz Attack (Original Mix)
2 Jazz Attack (Luc Forlorn Totally Chilled Remix)
3 Jazz Attack (J Dovy’s Deep Reinterpretation)

all tracks, written, mixed and produced by Bachir Howayek
remix produced by :
2 Luc Forlorn
3 Jean Dovy

website : |
Facebook :
Cyberspace :

Andre Devaugn and The Seventh Groove Consortium ”Transient Reality” [Groove Park Records]


The new album by the producer from Sheffield is one more time a masterpiece. A trip into the dimension of his talent will guarantee you a crush to his music.

With a touch of genius it works like a time machine, finding yourself diving into a soundtrack from the 70’s.

We are proud to let the world listen to this magic in music.

Groove Park Records

album available in stores : feb, 12th, 2018

Title: Transient Reality
Artist: Andre Devaugn and The Seventh Groove Consortium
Label : Groove Park Records
Catalog#: GPR00009

Tracklist :

1 Act I – Reset
2 Act II – Walking home
3 Act III – I don’t know how to get there
4 Act IV – Winterlude
5 Act V – Two Worlds
6 Act VI – Serenity (feat Sinead Rankin)
7 Act VII – Sundown
8 Act VIII – Still think about you


all tracks written, produced, and mixed by Andy Duray
Act VI lyrics written and performed by Sinead Rankin

World In Jazz, Vol. 3

Last news of the day is the featuring of Men from Nobu on this jazz compilation…

Men from Nobu – Honey

Label: somanymusic

World In Jazz, Vol. 3

Cat# DINU018
Label DIGI Nuggets
Release date 10/10/2016

They trained their voice and learned to play their instruments. Their talent is to compose. When generations shake hands it’s on the word in jazz.


  • 1. Judith Goldbach – Kis kacsa
  • 2. Men from Nobu – Honey
  • 3. Omar – Kiss It Right
  • 4. Eva Mayerhofer – Somewhere in the Hills (Favela)
  • 5. Van – Luxury of Asia
  • 6. 11_Inch – Don’t Go (Harry T. James No Hook Remix)
  • 7. Adjazzo – Close Your Eyes
  • 8. Christoph Spendel Trio – Floating Secrets
  • 9. ZZouro – Rescue Remedy
  • 10. Cube – Resting Park
  • 11. Paul Eerhart – A Night in Cairo
  • 12. Bite My A – Revers
  • 13. L.E.D. – A Clave
  • 14. Free Brothers – Rhodes Brothers
  • 15. Brother Groove – Pierce’s Blues
  • 16. Difetti Sonori – Sweat
  • 17. 9dw – Find Your Love
  • 18. Seison De Los Flores – Back to Yourself
  • 19. Ticane – Deep Sea Diver (Naoki Kenji Remix)
  • 20. Damiano La Rocca – Nostalgia di te
  • 21. Alexandra Lehmler – Schleierwolken