Allada ”Blood Grooves” [SO-0006]

Hello dear music lovers,

We hope you spend a good spring ?

The return of nice weather, the nature is going into a new cycle.
Let’s follow with the 1st album by Allada, a 12 tracks release full of life.

Some tastes of african roots, blended with the elements of house and deep house,
to take you into a different land of grooves.

Title : Blood Grooves
Artist : Allada
Catalog# : SO-0006
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Celebration (Intro)
2 The Blood (Original Mix)
3 Impossible Lounge (Original Mix)
4 Children & Groove (Original Mix)
5 Roots of Playground (Interlude)
6 Miles Around (Original Mix)
7 Unity (Original Mix)
8 Just a Drift (Album Edit)
9 Rise! (Original Mix)
10 The Groove (Original Mix)
11 South East (Original Mix)
12 After AfroParty (Outro)

all tracks written, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy

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Bob Howard – Jazz Attack [DVM00065]

The snippet of the week is coming from the next release on somanymusic.

Jazz Attack by Bob Howard is a track of a groovy jazz house feel, let’s not forget the remixes.

Luc Forlorn gives us his vision into a chill mood, let’s thank him for his amazing work full of talent.

To finish, the re-interpretation by J Dovy is a trip into a deeper ambiance but keeping a groove and the jazz influences intacts.

a few comments from promo pool :

Carmelo Carone

lolely smooth dubby line! full support on my radio show

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack (Luc Forlorn Totally Chilled Remix)

dj lenny fontana

love the jazzy vibes very cool

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack

Jaymz Nylon

Dope release!!!!

side 3

Very St Germain sounding the original version. Cool summer vibes strumming from the guitar licks. A well balanced ep with really nice Balearic version from Luc forlorn. My favorite mix though is the J Dovy mix giving out some old skool italo house vibes with a nice deep house modern twist thrown in for good measure.

Favorite Track: Bob Howard – Jazz Attack (J Dovy Deep Reinterpretation Remix)


Title : Jazz Attack
Artist : Bob Howard
Catalog# : DVM00065
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Jazz Attack (Original Mix)
2 Jazz Attack (Luc Forlorn Totally Chilled Remix)
3 Jazz Attack (J Dovy’s Deep Reinterpretation)

all tracks, written, mixed and produced by Bachir Howayek
remix produced by :
2 Luc Forlorn
3 Jean Dovy

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A few feedbacks from our next compilation out november 15th :

Jason Hodges :
Rating (1-5): 5

Favorite Track: Zulu Groove

Message: dope music…Zulu Groove is the cut!


Dio S :
Rating (1-5): 4

Favorite Track: Walk Away

Message: nice compilation. thanx!!


miss luna :
Rating (1-5): 5

Favorite Track: Urban Beach

Message: Great EP! Full support on


Low Deeperz :
Rating (1-5): 5

Favorite Track: Our Freedom

Message: Awesome tunes, thanks for sharing 🙂


hervé ak :
Rating (1-5): 5

Favorite Track: Motion Waves

Message: All Good!


Jaymz Nylon :
Rating (1-5): 5

Favorite Track:

Message: Great compilation! To difficult to choose which track is my fav as I will play them all…


Rating (1-5): 4

Favorite Track: Careless Delight

Message: DOPE AF


Title: The Deep Generation part3
Artist: Various Artists
Catalog#: SOMAN003
Label: somanymusic

Track List
1 CVBA ”DubbyTwn (Original Mix)”
2 Dawson ”Zulu Groove (Original Mix)”
3 S.D.J. ”Urban Beach (Original Mix)”
4 Deep Kosha ”Motion Waves (Original Mix)”
5 J Dovy ”Our Freedom (Album Mix)”
6 La Rose ”Walk Away (Original Mix)”
7 Kolshi ”Remember Me (Smooth Dub)”
8 324AM ”Higher (Original Mix)”
9 LyFe&Daze ”MPC60 (Original Mix)”
10 Ronald Rascal ”Careless Delight (Original Mix)”
11 Bowyer Hawks ”Like Rain (Original Mix)”
12 Ame Vent ”Wind Song (feat Ronald Rascal) (Original Mix)”

1 produced by Cuba Lee Isaacs
2 produced by Ashwin Dawson Julies
3 produced by Sonny Jostins
4 produced by Tiisetso Maaga
5 produced by Jean Dovy
6 produced by Marvin La Rose
7 produced by Colin O’Brien
8 produced by Cedric Lefebvre
9 produced by Luc Forlorn and Jean Dovy
10 produced by Motloang Mohapi
11 produced by Fredrik Hagblom
12 produced by Sergey Pollak and Motloang Mohapi

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Slow & Raw, Vol.1

Today is the turn of J Dovy to feature on a new compilation, a track taken from his last album, ”The Deep Purpose #2”.

J Dovy – In Our Heads (Deepest Wishes)

Label: somanymusic

Slow & Raw, Vol.1

Cat# RES176
Label Restore Music
Release date 19/10/2016

Restore Music presents Slow&Raw – a wide selection of smooth deep house tunes.


  • 1. FilthyGeeks, DJ Roland Clark & Roland Clark – We Love Our House Music (KP Deep Mesh Remix)
  • 2. J Dovy – In Our Heads (Deepest Wishes)
  • 3. Mobylette – Tedium
  • 4. Remote Persona – State of Mind (Adrian Duran Remix)
  • 5. Sasha Kaktus & Fake Mood – Olovo
  • 6. AFFKT – Faceless
  • 7. Versible – Dulcis
  • 8. Jiggx – Quidam Temere Nomen
  • 9. Phuko – Technology
  • 10. Meloune – Voyage
  • 11. Martin Fissher – Frecuencias Minimas
  • 12. The Messenger – Exposures (Josel Gets Exposed Remix)
  • 13. Sinan Kaya – Set Me Free (Pascal Hetzel Remix)
  • 14. Moving Cities – Soft&Slow
  • 15. DJ Satelite – Fire (DAN.K’s Deep Dub)
  • 16. Ziirkuz – Dark Mexican
  • 17. Ralph Kings – Fragrances
  • 18. Hutenberger – Wellenbrecher (Lucas Mayer Remix)
  • 19. Sowieso & Co – The Escape (Stephan Pokorny Remix)
  • 20. Tis – Crackle
  • 21. Andrea Caioni & Panicu – Il meteorite e il vulcano
  • 22. CL-LJUD – Novel

Raw Chicago House Selection, Vol.6

The artist of the day is Ronald Rascal featuring on this forthcoming compilation.

Ronald Rascal – Looking At You (Allada’s Humble Mix)

Label: somanymusic

Raw Chicago House Selection, Vol.6

Cat# RES175
Label Restore Music
Release date 17/10/2016

Restore Music proudly presents a selection from Chicago and his Raw House sound. Carefully selected for your pleasure.


  • 1. PolyRhythm – Taking It Back
  • 2. MNFST – Dawn (Black Loops Remix)
  • 3. Gonzalo Schmidt – Moving Square (Facu Escalante Remix)
  • 4. Elisabetta – Sijambo Bibi
  • 5. Modeplex – Replace Me
  • 6. DJ Sponch – Dipper
  • 7. Ultramarin – The Sea
  • 8. Jim Schwindel – Timeless
  • 9. AfroniQue Soulz – Iskhalo sentombi (Olej Instrumental Mix)
  • 10. DJ Casto – Work It Out (DJ Lukas Wolf Remix)
  • 11. Peter Kreis – Let’s Go Back
  • 12. Ronald Rascal – Looking At You (Allada’s Humble Mix)
  • 13. Toft – Floating
  • 14. SPL – This Is the Captain
  • 15. Chronophone – Punarbhava
  • 16. Justin George – I Feel Like I Should Get Up (Super Agent 33 Remix)
  • 17. Mobylette – Fatigue (Nicola Koch Remix)
  • 18. Kop Afro Soul – Love Alive (Frana Dub Version)
  • 19. Emiliano Martini – Twopenny (Vincenzo de Robertis Remix)
  • 20. Alex Cortiz – 6 AM Sex Groove (Deep House Mix)
  • 21. Mac-k-cee & Danilo Dumonte – The Way (Deepologic Remix)