Men from Nobu “Memorandrum” [somanymusic]

Men from Nobu are back with an EP, containing some tracks that been released in live version on Nylon Trax.
Those tracks with some other ones are being released in their original studio versions and an unreleased mix from ”The Best of Us”.

Track List
1 The Best Of Us (Original Mix)
2 A Deeper Effect (Original Mix)
3 The Analog (Original Mix)
4 Step Up (Original Mix)
5 We Have A Dream (Original Mix)
6 The Best Of Us (Unreleased Mix2)

Written, performed, produced by Jean Dovy, Vartan Fau for somanymusic

Plum’ – Sources [The Rapture]

The summer is hot and the machines too, Plum’ is back with a new project to hold you compagny during these warm days.
A new EP for a new sound adventure…

Title : Sources
Artist : Plum’
Catalog# : THRP00007
Label : The Rapture

Track List
1 Ombre (Original Mix)
2 Lourd (Original Mix)
3 Concept (Original Mix)
4 Nocturne (Original Mix)
5 Avenir (Original Mix)
6 Fonction (Original Mix)

all tracks written, mixed and produced by Jean Dovy @ Black Magic in The Kitchen Studio for dovymusic

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Wolford Heifer – Gentlemen Only [somanymusic]

Please welcome a new artist on our label, Wolford Heifer is a young producer from South Africa.
As all artists from label I personnally chatted with him, he was not yet into production.

A heart full of a good will, he started to work on his music, a few months later he came back to me.
During 2 months he sent me track after track the future EP we are proud to deliver to you.

Gentlemen Only is a wonderful EP of the deepest grooves cooked with genius for the greatest pleasure of our ears.

This the promo release on Traxsource before a global release for june 11, 2018 in all stores.

Title : Gentlemen Only
Artist : Wolford Heifer
Catalog# : DVM00067
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Every Rose Has Got Its Thorn (Original Mix)
2 Ancient Double Chants (Dub Edit)
3 Black Roses (Original Mix)
4 Rotary Hydraulics (Original Mix)
5 If She Love Roses… (Original Mix)

all tracks, written, mixed and produced by Ntshabeng Donald Motseo

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Eastern Rift Allstars – Lowfield EP [Groove Park Records]

We have for you the full preview from the last release on Groove Park Records.
A track taken from the “Lowfield EP” by Eastern Rift Allstars, a collaboration by Chat One and the french producer L’Illusoire.
Six tracks of abstract, instrumental hip-hop, a pure delight with some smalls tendencies of psychedelism.

SouthDip & Ian Kita feat Ivan Myslikovjan – Red Sunset EP [somanymusic]

The Czech Republic is still in the spotlight this time.
This country is full of talent, we have the pleasure to welcome, SouthDip, Ian Kita, Ivan Myslikovjan accompanied by inspired remixers, for a quality EP.
Red Sunset EP invites us in the warmth of the sounds of house and deep house, by a channel mixing groove and harmony to perfection.

releases May 14, 2018

Title : Red Sunset EP
Artist : SouthDip & Ian Kita feat Ivan Myslikovjan
Catalog# : DVM00066
Label : somanymusic

Track List
1 Human Wings (Original Mix)
2 Sunset Over The Ocean (Original Mix)
3 Sunset Over The Ocean (Andrea Fiorino Remix)
4 Human Wings (A-Bee, Tom Vagabondo Remix)
5 Human Wings (Ian Kita Remix)

all tracks, written, mixed and produced by Martin Mikulka, Ivan Myslikovjan & Jan Zelinger
remix produced by :
3 Kvetoslav Opletal
4 Mirek Vacha, Tomáš Vilášek
5 Jan Zelinger

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